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Bavisha Homes has established itself as one of the leaders in developing modern living spaces at affordable prices. Innovation, design and quality have been our primary focus in meeting customer expectations. Following current market trends in our development projects, we also move with the times and create aesthetically modern constructions. Being an environmentally friendly organization, we ensure green spaces for healthy living of home-owners. Adherence to all statutory rules and regulations, transparency in all dealings and strong customer orientation are our deep-rooted strengths.

With excellent project management skills, we pride ourselves on delivering exception homes that are an outcome of attention to detail in every aspect. If you are dreaming of a superior quality home, with modern design and world class amenities that also comes with a reachable price tag, you can realise it with Bavisha Homes.


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Being a builder is not just about putting up concrete structures, collecting money and making the balance sheets grow in figures and numbers. We believe that it’s a social responsibility to provide shelter to a person’s life where his life earnings are at stake.

We believe in making a difference in everyone’s life who has bought their home with us. We are proud to say that all our customers who have bought an apartment with us has benefited with the appreciation in the value of the apartments.

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